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Windstorm is an evil, pup who is just an actor, but she didn't know it. She hates Bolt, and tries to catch him, with her brain skills good planning level. She has a slightly fear, of falling, but tries to stay brave, and strong. 


Windstorm is a Husky/German Stepherd mix, with Lime green eyes. Her body is dark grey, and havingl lighter head, socks, belly, and tail tip. She's got a white spot on her muzzle, what goes up to her head, and a black lightnigbolt marking on her left.


Windstorm was borned last in her family, being the runt and the weakest. Her parents tought she won't live too long, so they took her to the streets and leave her alone. She was so weak, and hungry, when some young women and men took her to Hollywood. 5 years and so many training later she became Dr. Calico's evil pup , who has electric super powers just like Bolt. Bolt was the good pup in the TV series, who always saved her girl, Penny. WindStorm hated him from her heart and always wanted to fight with him, and to bring him to Dr. Calico. Without Bolt, Calico can catch Penny easy. But after Bolt won, Calico put her in a box, for the night, because she mustn't know, that this isn't real. 

When Bolt escape, Windstorm goes after he to catch him, to make Dr. Calico proud of her. But when Bolt hits the window, and fall into a box pulling Windstorm with him. They ended up landing far from Hollywood, and countinueing the chaseing until bolt has been got a leash, Windstorm catch the chance, and holds Bolt on the leash until they meet Mittens. Windstorm making a team with  Mittens, while Bolt is with Rhino, and they go to Hollywood, to fulfill their self-quest missions. The two warms up to each other realizing their non-real past, and starts to trust in each-other. After saving Penny together, and the series ends, Bolt goes with Penny, but Windstorm haven't got a home to live. Penny decides to bring her home, because she sees the good in her, the soft and shy puppy who is under the evil super pup.

After months living together, the two breaks out, and admit their feelings to each other, and later having five pups of their own.


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