Volt and Star belong to Chandler. They are the parents of Bolt and Onyx. You must ask before you use them.


Volt : Volt is an all-black German shepherd with brown eyes. He wears a dark green collar with a police badge dangling from it.

Star: Star is an American White shepherd with a light grey star over her eye, like a patch, with sky blue eyes and wears a purple bow around her neck.


Volt: Uptight and arrogant, Volt puts work before his family, which really irks Star. When Onyx was born, he watched over him and his wife, until the pup was old enough to walk and talk, he trained him so hard, that Onyx soon began to hate him. When Bolt was born, Volt didn't rain him harshly, but rather favorited him. After the two pups were shipped off to different pet stores, Volt continued his work and dedicated his work to train a group of different dogs, which soon became the S.U.P.E.R Organization.

Star: Soft-spoken and sweet, Star loves her husband and pups to bits, except for the fact that Volt didn't like Onyx as much as he did Bolt. Onyx stuck more close to her than his father, which she greatly understood why. Star lived out on the streets most of her life until adulthood, when she was found by a little girl and her parents. She adores kids of all ages and worked as a nurse dog in a hospital before she was forced to retire after an accident concerning a fire shortly before Onyx was born.

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• Volt is loosely based off of Chief Bogo from Zootopia

• Star loves both her boys the same, while Volt dislikes Onyx, and favors Bolt, causing a strong dislike to well up inside the younger dog


Star: Jennifer Goodwin (Judy Hopps in Zootopia and Snow in Once Upon a Time)

Volt: Idris Elba (Chief Bogo from Zootopia