Typhoon is Bolt's best friend and belongs too Puppylove5.

Bio Edit

Bolt and Typhoon met each other when Bolt was looking for Penny while Mittens was learning Bolt how to be a dog. They played for a while but then Bolt had to leave continueing his search for Penny. After a while his owner got to old to take care for him and he got adopted by a new family in the same street as Penny. Bolt and Typhoon quickly became best friends.

Appearance Edit

He's a golden/yellow lab along with green eyes and he wears a green collor.

Personality Edit

He's very energetic, clumsy and he loves to run around always wearing a smile on his face. Sometimes he can be a bit hyper but he tries to controll it. Most of the time he causes a lot of trouble even it isn't the meaning and he feels extreme guilty afterwards. He's very kind and friendly and he loves to make new friends.

Trivia Edit

  • he has a crush on Cloud and he loves to play with her but sometimes can be a bit nervous around her.
  • He's not a big fan of Mittens because the two are arguing who's Bolt's right paw.
  • He's also good friends with Mystic and whenever Bolt hasn't got time to play he visits her.
  • He later becomes mates with Clous and together they have four beatifull pups: Tornado, Swirl, Hurricane and Tsunami.

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by me:

Lost and found friendship

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