This is the spinoff of the series A Twisted Hero, where Bolt, Penny, Thunder, Mittens and Rhino are accidently transported to Storybrooke where they meet almost every fictional fairy tale character they ever knew. Including Emma Swan.
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Author's NoteEdit

This is a crossover with Once Upon a Time and Bolt. All the characters DO NOT belong to me. OUAT belongs to ABC, while Bolt, Mittens, Rhino and Penny belong to Disney, Thunder belongs to Tundra and Shock belongs to ArtistIssues


Season 1Edit

Welcome to Storybrooke


Police Work



  • This is the first Bolt crossover that I (Chandlerscout) made
  • An infection is spread to almost all the dogs in Storybrooke in Episode 2. Even Bolt
  • Thunder and Bolt wear bullet-proof Police vests for the first time after Emma Swan helps them out
  • Penny is able to understand what Bolt, Thunder, Mittens and Rhino are saying after being bitten by a wolf
  • Mittens wears a headset in Episode 3 and 8