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Pearl and Peridot end up becoming mates and Peridot is taken in by Pearl's owner. They talk for a few hours, and decide to have puppies. First came Ruby, then Sapphire, then Jade, then a few hours later Amethyst.

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Ruby: Ruby is like her mother, but a little more devious. Ruby is very pretty and thats what draws in most pups. She acts all innocent and sweet, but really she is just luring them in. She uses her admirers to get what she wants. Then when she's done with them, she lets them go. She is really mean and nasty.

Sapphire: Sapphire is a born Gentleman. He is always very polite, and also very fun. He always knows how to get pups and kittens to smile. He loves to do that. He is never short on Roses to woo a female pup or kitten.

Jade: Jade was seemingly born to sing. Her voice is so lovely and smooth, it's like honey. She sings with Lola alot. The two even end up going to the same home together and end up singing for all the world t hear.

Amethyst: Amethyst is very polite and sweet. But she's also the rough and tumble pup. Although she's not super crazy. She just likes to run around and get wet and dirty. She is the smallest of her siblings and is best friends with her brother Sapphire. She is very kind and shy. She doesn't care what others think about her. She knows that she is giving it her all.

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Ruby: Ruby is white with black markings that sort of look like she has a cape on her. Her eyes are chocolate brown. her collar is red.

Sapphire: Saphire is smoky grey with a lighter gray stomach and muzzle. His paws are darker grey. His eyes are Blue, so is his collar.

Jade: Jade is completely white, save for a swirl marking right next to her left ear that sort of looks like a flower. Her eyes are yellow. Her collar is green.

Amethyst: Amethyst is all white with brown ears. her muzzle is darker shade of white, but not grey. Her eyes are green. Her collar is purple.

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Sapphire: Jessie


Amethyst: Tron

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  • Ruby is not afraid of anything.
  • Sapphire is afraid of not being enough.
  • Jade is afraid of losing her voice.
  • Amethyst is afraid of Bears, Cougars, bunnies, and spiders.
  • Amethyst was a real surprise to her parents, they had only been expecting three puppies. She was just so small, that they didn't see her.

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