Shady is owned by PitbullLover so ask if you wish to use him.


Shady is a cross-breed between a Singapura and a Siamese cat. He has mostly black fur, but has brown areas on the tip of his tail and ears. He dislikes wearing collars, but will put up with it when nessacary. If he does wear one, it is red and has a circular tag with his name on it.


He is very relaxed, but loves to play. He is very un-trusting when it comes to new people, but if you get to know him you'll quickly learn that he's a bit of a softy. He hates anything to do with water and will do anything to get out of having to take a bath. He dislikes dogs, but is ok with Bolt and Thunder (and their future puppies). He likes to tease about small things, but doesn't take it too far.


Shady was born to abusive owners. By the time he was able to walk, both his parents had died from the injuries they had received from their owners and he had been thrown out into the streets. His siblings stayed together until animal control found them and took them away, Shady was the only one that had not been captured. He lived on the street for a few years until Penny accidentally hit him while bike riding. She took him home and helped him get better, he then decided to stay with her forever.


-He later developes feelings for mittens and she developes feelings for him

-He hates collars because they make him feel like he's not in control

-If you try to give him a bath, he will try to claw your eyes out XD 

-He won't start a conversation but he will be the one to end it