Sadie belongs to Sarah the FBI pup, and is based off and named after one of the German shepherds that live two doors down from her.

Personality Edit

Sadie is a very quiet, sweet, and gentle kind of girl. She's very tender and always speaks from her heart. She's a little shy, but will become a bit more playful and outgoing as she gets to know someone. She's very sensitive, and can get hurt and cry easily. She doesn't like to talk very often, and usually likes to be quiet and unnoticed. She's a sweetie, and is always snuggling up to people and is very trusting. She's a little sensitive about the fact that she's deaf in one ear, and tries to avoid talking about it. She's not very good at expressing her feelings, and usually ends up stuttering a lot.

Appearance Edit

Sadie has a very unique color of pelt. Her pelt is a mix of many creams, browns, and greys that swirl together making her look very beautiful. Her muzzle and underside of tail is black. She has Amber eyes and a purple collar.

Bio Edit

Sadie doesn't remember much of her puphood. She couldn't hear at all back then, and has no vivid memories. The only thing she really remembers is her mother who was always giving her extra attention. Next thing she knows, she's being brought to a new hoe. She was very nervous and scared in her new home, everything was so big and threatening. She missed her mother desperately. But then she encountered Bandit. She almost didn't recognize that he was another dog like her until he was right in her face. Her tail started wagging immediately, and she wanted nothing more than to play with him. But he seemed rather wary of her at first. Then all of a sudden he was acting all sweet and loving to her. Which she greatly appreciates. She later got a device that let her hear in her left ear, that turned out to not be entirely deaf. She grew very close to Bandit, and somewhere along the way began crushing on him.

Family Edit

Unnamed Mother

Unknown siblings

Friends Edit

Bandit: Her closest friend, and her secret crush.

Trivia Edit

  • She still has trouble hearimg, and needs to be spoken to directly.
  • She is secretly crushing on Bandit, but doesn't know how to show it
  • She will bark a lot if she's super scared or excited, but usually she doesn't realize how loud she barks.

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