S'mores is Bolt's best friend while in the pet store, and when he runs away from it to go find Bolt. This is an Oc that belongs to Chisel's-on-the-way

Personality Edit

S'mores is pretty much as his name says. He is very sweet, yet strange to many other pups. He will not chase ANYTHING and can't even eat bacon without crying over the pigs used to make it. S'mores loves making new friends. He's also very energetic. He loves playing with Bolt, and exploring the world.


As a pup he and Bolt played around together in the glass box of the pet store, being there there while pup life has made them believe they would never get sold. Then on Bolt's birthday a little red head girl took him away, leaving S'mores alone. Sure he tried to get more friends, but no one could replace Bolt. When S'mores heard about Bolt being a super star where they grew up, he set off to find him. He was so angry with Bolt and hope he left him to become famous. S'mores traveled the streets of New York, trying to find people that could help. He encountered some pups along the way, some friendly, some not, all helping him get to his buddy. S'mores hopped on the first truck he saw going to Hollywood, that being where all the pups directed him to. Once he got there, he ran straight to the building with Bolt and the Red head's pictures on a water tank above. S'mores arrived there only to feel his heart sink. He saw the building on fire. An Australian Shepherd bumped into him but kept running towards the building. S'mores recognized the dog and ran after him. S'mores couldn't make it in the building before the door closed so he got in through a window. As he finally saw Bolt and Penny, he found out that they were trapped in between flaming building pieces. S'mores got them out of the rubble and, soon after, fainted after taking in too much smoke. Bolt carried him to a vent while he guided Penny towards it. Then, Bolt barked into the vent to get people to rescue the three. Firemen came after Bolt fainted and carried them out the burning building to an ambulance. Once they all recovered, Penny adopted S'mores, and now he's a happy new member of their, along with Mittens and Rhino.


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Likes- Playing around, making friends

Dislikes- being caged up, chasing things, hurting things

Fears- being forgotten

Crush-(no one at the moment)

Friends- Bolt, Rhino, Mittens, Penny,

  • No, he can't eat S'mores
  • His original name was going to be Scruffy or Spot, but I thought S'mores fit him better