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Roxy is a yellow and white mutt. She has a mostly Golden/Yellow body with a white chest, stomach, white socks and a spot around her Right eye

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Roxy is adventurous and playful, but she knows her limits. She inst to playful or adventurous but likes to adveture from time to time. She is good at sneaking around as well.

Bio Edit

Roxy lives in a happy family with her owner (Rebecca) and her brother Rob (Who she hates)

One day she met Boo on the streets and let him take refuge in her home. After accidentally being locked outside and then rescued by Boo she found life as a street dog fun and decided she was going to live there with Boo (Later falling for him)

Trivia Edit

  • Has a crush on Boo
  • Rob tried to set her up with Bolt once
  • She utterly hates Rob

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