Psylocke is a German shepherd and the little sister of Thunder.


When she was first created, I ask Tundra if I could make Psylocke Thunder's litle sister.


Physlocke is a dark brown saddleback German shepherd with a light golden-tan body, dark brown muzzle and midnight blue eyes. She wears a dark royal indigo collarwith a silver heart shaped tag with her name on it.


Psylocke tends to go off on the sassy side when you first meet her, but as she gets closer to you, she's energetic and a bit mysterious. She doesn't remember most of her time with her big sister when they were younger, mostly hanging around her and only her. They get along well, but normally fight like sisters would. She tends to stray from the others to play with Carter and Dingo. She loves Bolt and Thunder's pups to death, Whirlwind reminding her of how enter fetid she was when she was his age.


She doesn't remember most about her parents, but does remember the time she spent with Thunder. Thunder was born about four hours before she was, so they were close in age. After they were old enough to be shipped to a pet store, ironically, Psylocke was shipped to the same one as Thunder. She loved hanging around her sissy, especially when she brought her a squeaky toy. When a wealthy family took her away, she was devastated to find out that Thunder wasn't coming with her. She later ran off at eight weeks old and was found by a better family two blocks from Bolt's place.

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  • Shes's four hours younger than Thunder
  • She is open for a crush
  • She is named after the X-Men character, Psylocke


Young: Willow Sheilds (Primrose Everdeen in The Hunger Games franchise)

Current: Megan Ory (Red in Once Upon a Time)


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