Onyx is Bolt's older brother and the eldest son of Sheriff and Clove. You must ask before you use him.


Onyx is an all-black German shepherd with sky blue eyes, a dark slate blue collar with a circular gold tag with his name on it.


Onyx was born about a year before Bolt was. His father began harshly training him every day from early morning until late at night, causing hatred towards Sheriff to well up inside him. When Bolt was born, Onyx noticed that Sheriff loved him more, causing Onyx to grow a strong jealously and hatred towards him. After he and Bolt were shipped off to pet stores, Onyx unknowingly escapes with the help of a secret agent dog that takes him home with him. Learning a lot of fighting techniques and technology, he hid underground and patiently waited for his chance to eliminate Bolt.

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Bolt: Apocalyptic

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• Onyx absolutely hates Bolt to no extent

• He loves his mother, Clove, but has trouble expressing his love for her


  • Young: Cameron Boyce (Luke from Jessie and Carlos DeVil in Descendants)
  • Adult: Chris Pratt (Owen in Jurassic World and Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy)