Mystic is Bolt's half-sister and belongs too Puppylove5

New mystic

Bio Edit

She lives with her owner who's a adult and barely pays attention to Mystic. She is always seen hanging around Bolt and she really adores him.

Appearance Edit

She's female mixed breed with brown fur with a white marking on her muzzle that goes down to her belly and tail with a tan spot on her eye, ear and tail. She also has three withe paws with tan rings around it and she has light blue eyes and wears a light blue collor.

Personality Edit

Mystic a a pup who's goofy, hyper and a bit clumsy and not afraid to show it. But she's also really brave and not afraid to fight when her family is in trouble. She really loves Bolt and is like Rhino one of his biggest fans but she doesn't show it.

Trivia Edit

  • As a (really young) pup she tought she had super powers too because she is Bolt's half-sister but of cours she knows now it was just a movie.
  • She's very good friends with Gem and Frostbite.
  • Sometimes she gets on Bolt's nerves cause she likes to tease him, especially with his crush
  • she loves to play with her nieces and nephews!

Gallary Edit