The reason why they have the confusing name Puppensters is because Dusty was a Pupster (Hamster + pup) and Rose was a cat/Kitten. So they were given the name Puppensters. These are third gen.

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After being on the show for a long time, they decide to express their true love towards one another. They became mates and later had two Puppensters. First came Joy then Garth.

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Joy: Joy is always smiling and a happy Puppenster. She loves to play and frolic, but always stays close at home. She is very proud of what she is, and doesn't mind that some might consider her a freak. She is too cheerful to be brought down by that. She also brings lots of happiness into other's lives.

Garth: Garth is a tough pup. He is a go-getter type of guy. He pulls his weight and three tons more. He is very good with kids, and an excellent actor. He is the type of guy to look up to.

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Joy: Joy has long Rounded ears like her Uncle Ziro and have white tips. The rest of her head shape is like a normal cat. She has her father's fur color. Starting from her nose going to just above eye level she has a hourglass shaped white mark. Right above that is a white star on her forehead. On her chest is a white mark that looks like a paw print. Joy has the body shape of a cat but grows to be taller than her mother. Her tail is dog like. half of it is white. Her eyes are green. Her collar is a Lavender color.

Garth: Garth has long pointed ears like his father. the rest of his face is cat-like. Most of his fur is black, but his muzzle, some of his forehead, neck, chest, and paws are the color of his father. He has the build of a dog, except for his tail. Which is slimmer than a dog's tail and more flexible. He can wrap it around his paws easily. He has yellow eyes. His collar is lime green.

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I might go Fourth gen... Maybe.



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  • Garth features in season 3 of Dusty the wonder dog series as Dusty's apprentice.
  • Joy is afraid of Cars and headlights.
  • Garth is afraid that he can't protect his family from harm.

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