Milo is a male cat adopted from Chandlerscout. He is owned by RockytheEco-pup.

Milo-----drawn by Chandlerscout


Milo was born into a litter of five kittens. Both his parents were strays so he grew up on the streets. He loves adventure and taking risks, but one risk cost him. He was running back and forth across a busy street, scaring a lot of drivers in the process. But then the fateful moment occured. He ran halfway across the street when he was struck by a blue sedan. The driver rushed out, picked Milo up, and immediately drove him to the vet.

It was there, the vet and the man were relieved that Milo would survive the accident but his front right paw could not be saved. Because of that, the vet amputated it and over the course of a month, Milo healed and learned to walk on three paws. The vet placed him in an animal shelter to be adopted but when a child came to look at him, he jumped out of the cage and escaped the shelter.

Roaming the streets, he eventually came upon a one-eyed pup named Patch. Both being disabled and could relate to each other, they quickly became best friends. Milo doesn't particularly like the fact that Patch is a pet but that doesn't affect their friendship.


Milo is a daredevil of sorts. Dangerous situations don't bother him at all. Even after losing his leg, he isn't afraid of anything. He is a friendly cat and loves to hang with his best friend.


Milo is a gray cat with white socks. He has blue eyes and has a blue ascot/ribbon thing around his neck. He also only has three legs (He's missing his front right paw)


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  • I adopted him from Chandlerscout on DA.
  • He only has three legs.
    • He lost his leg after being struck by a car.
    • Having three legs doesn't bother him at all.
  • His best friend is Patch.
  • He's a daredevil.