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After being rejected by Mittens for what feels like the millionth time... Christopher heads to his 'home'. On his way he meets a new cat in the neighbor hood Missy. She seems to like him. Like, Like like him. Mittens sees Missy with Christopher. After Christopher leaves, she demands to know what this cat thinks shes doing? It turns out that Missy was Mittens old rival. And she has an eye for Christopher. Now Mittens is determined to make sure 'They' never happen. Can she do it?

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Christopher was walking home. He had tried once again to win over Mittens, and failed. How many times had that been? one million? one Billion? it didn't matter. She had said no. Uknown to him, a silvery colored she-cat was watching him with interest. She hopped down and walked over to him.

"Hi there. I'm Missy, whats your name?" Missy asked him. Christopher looked up in surprise.

"huh? oh. I'm Christopher." he said,

I will continue this later...