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Marigold is the mother of Thunder and Gem, and many other pups she's had over the years


Marigold is a light tan German shepherd with a dark brown saddle that crowns as a hood over her ears and a light dip against her forehead, it follows down her back and onto the top of her tail. She has a dark charcoal gray muzzle and bright golden eyes. She wears a brown leather collar with a golden tag


Quiet and motherly, Marigold is a very kind-hearted and friendly dog. She's lived a very comfortable life, and has raised many puppies, and though she misses her pups once they're adopted or sent off to petstores, she finds comfort with the farmer's children. 


  • She lives on a farm far from the city, and is a breeding dog. She lives very well, she isn't forcefully bred, and is bred only every year or so, that way she doesn't get hurt or distressed. 
  • She hasn't ever fallen in love with any of the males she's bred with, though she wishes she'd been able to keep in touch with them and the puppies she's seen grow and move away