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This is the story how Typhoon and Bolt became friends and lost each other. Will they find each other again?

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Typhoon's owners

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Typhoon laughed chasing Bolt almost reaching the pup "Can't catch me, uh?" Bolt teased speeding up. Typhoon smirked "just wait!" He said but stoped immediately hearing a voice.

"c"mon Bolt, you know how to play as a dog, so let's go" Mittens says Rolling her eyes. Bolt pouted "just a few minuts!" he says with the dog-face. Mittens sighed face-pawing "yknow I can recist it right... and do you wanna find Penny or not?".

Typhoon looked a bit confused his ears and tail down. He looked over at Bolt who was looking at the ground chuckling nervously.

"'s a bit complicated but.. eh.. I gotto go" Bolt says putting a paw on the lab. Typhoon looked up "but why?". Bolt looked over at Mittens who was frowning at him softly whispering "It's hard to explain but I have to find Penny!". Typhoon nodded smiling softly "It's fine, you have too!" he says but actually he felt really dissapointed.

Bolt slowly walked over too Mittens and Rhino looking a few times back "so uhm... bye buddy~ maybe we will see each other again!" Bolt says smiling nervously looking at Typhoons sad face.

Typhoon could't bring out a word so sad he felt. as he saw how Bolt, Mittens and Rhino left. He sighed a few times head holding low as he softly whispers

"the only friend I ever met, and now he's gone..."