Hannah is my fursona and Lemon is my dog, but here they live together as siblings

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Lemon: Lemon is skittish, but curious. He can get scared by the slightest of sounds. He is a fan of Bolt like Millie and Rhino. He likes to stay indoors though. He is a member of the S.D.S.S, but rarely goes on missions. His super hero name is 'Big Bang'

Hannah: Hannah is lively and happy. She is a Tomboy and loves to run around and play with other pups. She is rather positive and very sweet and calm, but try to force her to do something or get on her nerves and that can change quickly. She is always standing up for what she feels is right. She can't stand bullies, and always defends her friends.

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Lemon: lemon is a light yellow yellow lab puppy, his eyes are chocolate brown. His collar is olive green.

Hannah: Hannah is a deep brown chocolate lab. Her paws are all muddy brown colored, so it always looks like she has mud on them. Her eyes are saphire blue, and her collar is light pink. she always wears a fusia bow on her ear.

relatives Edit

Kiara: mother

Torn: Father

Siral: aunt

Trivia Edit

  • They both don't have a crush yet.
  • Lemon sleeps with a penguin stuffed animal
  • Hannah loves talking to her stuffed animals as if they are real. she only does this when shes really upset or happy.
  • Lemon is afraid of almost everything.
  • Hannah is afraid of Spiders.
  • Lemon has high anxiety.
  • Hannah is always telling Lemon to calm down.
  • Hannah is friends with Bolt.

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