NOTE: You are free to use Laila, as long as nothing is changed about her!

Laila is a mutt created by Penelope. 

About herEdit

  • Name: Laila
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Domestic dog
  • Breed: Wolfdog/Golden Retriever mongrel
  • Home: Ontario, Canada (formerly), Mineapolis, Minneota (curently)
  • Inspired by: Laila from Roadside Romeo 
  • Personality: Brave, warm, lighthearted, carefree
  • Alignment: Good
  • Allies: Her parents, her siblings, many others
  • Rivals: None


  • Her wolfdog father (yet to be named)
  • Her Golden Retriever mother (yet to be named)
  • Her five brothers (yet to be named)
  • Her four sisters (yet to be named)
  • Emma (adopted sister)
  • Zuri (adopted sister)



Laila was born in a shed to a wolfdog (the father) and a Golden Retriever (the mother). She was born in Ontario, Canada around Christmastime. Her siblings are yet to be named, but she had fun with all of them.


When Laila was about a month old, her owner moved to Mineapolis, Minnesota.

When she was about 8 weeks old, her siblings were adopted but her owner decided to keep her. 


Actually not much is known about her adolescence, but what we DO know is that she became a pop star among dogs.


Just like when she was a teenager, we don't know much about Laila's adulthood.


  • As a puppy, she has bright orange fur. She has brownish-gold paws and muzzle. Her chest, neck, belly and tail tip are tan. She has a hot pink nose and pink nostrils - which is not something you'll find on most puppies. One of her hind legs has a big brownish-gold spot on it. She has blue eyes and orange spots around both of her eyes. She has a purple collar and a half-flopped ear.
  • As an adolescent and adult, her colors change. She has yellow fur. Her muzzle, chest, neck. paws and tail tip are a slightly darker yellow. She has a black nose. She still has blue eyes, the purple collar, and a half-flopped ear. The inside of her ears are magenta.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Puppy: McKenna Grace
  • Puppy Singing: Noah Cyrus
  • Teenager: Miley Cyrus
  • Adult: Rachel Nichols


  • Laila isn't ACTUALLY named Laila until gets her the collar. Before, she was called 'Pige' (short for 'Pigeon') or 'Kid'.
  • Her best friends are a Malamute named Dixie and an Afghan named Sylvie.
  • Her teenager voice actress, Miley Cyrus, also voiced Penny.

Fanifcs by meEdit