I adopted Jenna from Chandler on deviantart. Originally, her name was Spitz.



Jenna drawn by Chandlerscout

Jenna is very snooty and is the mother of Shillouette. She is a pedigreed show cat and is very vain and proud. She often scolds her daughter for being so spirited and carefree. She wants her daughter to be the perfect little show cat. She is very hard to please, and worries often. She is very stuck up and detests Mittens and all street cats.


Jenna is a Creamy orange color. Her ears and chest are white. Her eyes are cobalt blue. Her collar is a strand of saphire blue pearls strung together. Her nose is pink.


  • Her friends nick name her Pinky.
  • she doesn't have a sense of humor
  • she is afraid of getting dirty.
  • she belongs to a rich woman named Cassidy.
  • she has two daughters; Shillouete and Gwen.

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Jenna agai

Jenna drawn by me