Hope is a female Jack Russel Terrier pup and Bull's older sister. She belongs to XxVampwolfiexX otherwise known as Vampwolfie on DeviantART.

Appearance Edit

Hope is a Jack Russel Terrier pup with folded ears. She has a tan face with slightly darker tan spots on each haunch. Her eyes are dark brown and she has a dark gray nose, also having a completely white, docked tail.

Personality Edit

Hope is a sly, smart pup. She knows how to get around trouble by using her wits and cleverness. Hope's also very kind to other animals, although she can be a little uneasy around cats, pigeons and large birds. She's very confident and determined, always thinking of the positive side of things.

Bio Edit

Hope was born in California with her mother, Soap and father, Bully. They lived on a farm, Hope watching Soap and Bully chase away any animals that might destroy their owner's crop. When she was old enough, Hope practiced doing the same, failing many times, her speed just not fast enough.

Overtime, she began to get bullied by the cats, pigeons and crows nearby the farm, trying her best to ignore them. However, when Soap became pregnant, Hope stopped lounging around and instead began to try and do her mother's job while she rested.

The constant taunts the animals spat at her, she instead used as power to make her work harder. Eventually she succeeded and slowly began to chase more and more animals away successfully, even managing to scare away the bullies with stealth. When her mother gave birth to her younger brother, Bull, Hope started officially working around the farm, but watched over Bull most of the time, trying her best to teach him how her work was done.

Trivia Edit

  • She hates the idea of hunting.
  • She's a vegetarian.
  • She's very protective of her friends and family.
  • She's not afraid to hurt anyone if it means saving someone she loves.
  • She has a fear of failing and disappointing everyone.
  • Before she chases, Hope sneaks up on them, instead of just chasing the animal away.
  • Hope hates asking people for help.

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