She is Dash, Mystic, and Bolt's little sister. She belongs to Electriss&Abagail

Personality Edit

Halo is very sweet and sensitive. She's a teddy bear that loves to be petted and adored. She is very innocent and has the spirit of a child. She's very playful and positive, always being a happy loving girl. She's also very Happy-go-lucky.  

Appearance Edit

She takes after her father in appearance, and is mostly completely white. Her paws and ear tips are a cocoa color, while her back is a slightly lighter color. Her eyes are brown and she wears a baby blue collar.

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Family Edit

Ice: Dad

Dara: mom

Bolt: older brother

Thunder: sister in law

Cirrus: nephew

Whirlwind: nephew

Cyclone: nephew

Kaia: niece

Windi: niece

Twister: niece

Misty: niece

Dash: brother

Maka: sister in law

Nikki: Niece

Autumn: nephew

Ella: niece

Winter: nephew

Mystic: sister

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Mystic: BSBFF

Random Edit

  • Halo has no crush yet.
  • She loves her older siblings.
  • She was adopted by a family of three. A mom, a dad, and a boy named Damien.
  • Halo is closest to Damien.
  • She loves to play Soccer