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Gwen is very Skittish and nervous. She flinches every time someone raises their voice or is angry. She is extremely sensitive and one insult could crash her self confidence. She usually goes along with whatever her mother or sister tells her to do. She loves her sister Shillouette very much, and hates to see her get reprimanded by their mother. When it comes to dealing with bullies, she is not to good. She can't seem to know what to do.

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Gwen is completely creamy white, with just a hint of orange swirls all over her body. Her eyes are green. Her collar is bubble gum pink. her nose is also pink

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  • she has a twin sister Shillouette
  • She barely knows her father Jangur
  • She is afraid of almost everything
  • Gwen is only brave when someone physically hurts her sister

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