This is my first story made here on this fanon. (i'm waiting for Morgan's permission before getting started).

Summary Edit

Since the city's law allows animals to have their own Pokémon, Penny and her mom decided to let two of Bolt and Thunder's girls, Kaia and Misty, to have their own Pokémon. The two were so happy and they spent days playing with their Pokémon, caring for them, and even having Pokémon battles together. But one day, when Misty woke up from a nap, she finds out that two of her Pokémon are gone missing. Now Bolt and Thunder have to find them before Misty has a state of panic.

Characters Edit

Main characters: Edit





Minor characters: Edit


Mrs. Forrester

Pokémon: Edit

Kaia's team:

  • Treecko (M)
  • Taillow (M)
  • Pikachu (F)
  • Vulpix (F)
  • Fennekin (F)
  • Squirtle (M)

Misty's team:

  • Litleo (M)
  • Glaceon (F)
  • Herdier (F)
  • Buttefree (M)
  • Mudkip (M)
  • Pidove (F)

Story Edit

Coming soon!