These pups belong to Sarah the FBI pup and exist in her crossover universe

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Kate lived with her pack in a forest near Bolt's home. One day, Bolt decided to explore the forest. He ran into Kate and they started talking. Bolt liked the she-wolf, but soon he had to leave. He continued to visit her, and they soon became closer and closer. One day they explored the forest and came across two stone statues in the form of a necklace. One was in the shape of a dog, the other a wolf. Kate and Bolt found that they had magical powers. When wearing the dog necklace, Kate could turn into a dog. And when wearing the wolf necklace, Bolt could turn into a wolf. They used these stones to get to know each other's family and life. But one day hunters came to the forest. Kate and her pack was in trouble. Bolt heard her cry and rushed to her rescue. He kept his dog form so the hunter wouldn't hurt him. But he ended up scaring the hunter away. All the wolves were watching, and Kate knew their secret was out. But after watching him save his daughter, Winston didn't mind the fact that Bolt was a dog. They invited Bolt to stay, but Bolt knew his place was with Penny. So instead, with Consent from her father, Kate decided to go with Bolt. Penny, Mittens, and Rhino welcomed her with open arms. Of course, Kate always visited her family ocassionally. But finally Kate found herself pregnant with Bolt's puppies. Bolt and his family were so proud and excited. For a while, Bolt wouldn't leave Kate's side. But it soon became clear that Kate needed some space. Finally the day came that the puppies would be born. Bolt wasn't allowed in the room, and he was quite worried. But soon he was finally allowed to see his new family. He and Kate had three little daughters to call their own. After much debate, they were named Clove, Nova, and Caramel.

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Clove: Clove is adventurous and Independent. She is fearless and likes to be on top of the world. She seems to have the eyes of a hawk and is very alert. She's super playful and will take almost anything as a invitation to play.



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They each inherited the power to switch from dog to wolf at will without the need of a necklace.

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Bolt: dad

Kate: mom

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  • Clove was named by Penny. She got the name from Clove in the first hunger games book.
  • Nova was named by Bolt
  • Caramel was named by Kate.