A story about Jolt escaping from the pet store and bumping into Mittens and Bolt.

The Story Edit

"Sorry, lass but...." Jolt was picked up from the large glass box she was put in. "Your growing up and if no one wants you then-" The pup squealed, nipping the pet store owner's hand and leaping from it. She barked madly, running to the sidewalk, happily. The sights, the smells, the fresh air.... Jolt knew she needed to leave that place from the start-even if it meant losing her puppy friends. Sadly, glancing over her shoulder, she whimpered to see her puppy friends pawing at the glass and barking for her.

Before Jolt could respond, something small and black whacked her in the chest. Stumbling on her paws, she whimpered as a black she-cat with white paws hissed at her. Petrified, she ran the other way, paws heading towards the street when this time a large, white thing knocked her down. "Ugh...." She shook her head before locking eyes with this white-tailed, panting stranger. Realizing she was on the ground, Jolt yelped, kicking her back legs into the dog's stomach before running back to where the cat was.

Howling, she made the she-cat clear the path, allowing Jolt to momentarily climb the small fence halfway and jump over into an alley. The pup ran and ran until crashing into a dumpster, falling backwards as pieces of litter fell on her. Inhaling deeply, Jolt shook her head before realizing where she was. "Hmm?" The dumpster smell caused her to sneeze, padding carefully out of her mess. As she did, the smell of hot dogs flew past her nose. Food! With the wag of her tail, she ran back to the fence, howling and cheering before jumping.

Bruised and tired, Jolt missed by a meter, landing on the truck's handlebar, hanging on for dear life. Her journey has just begun.