Dingo is one of the members of the S.U.P.E.R Organization. You have to ask before you use her.


Determined, stubborn and strong-willed, Dingo trained under the best fighter in the Organization, Rain, and loves her job. Although she doesn't complain, she wishes that the Organization would fight a bit more, but that changes when she meets Bolt and his family. She loves to stray from the job and play-fight with Bolt, but is upset that he can't learn her secret.


Dingo is a blue merle, white and tan Australian shepherd. Her tail is not docked, like most Aussies' tails are, with midnight blue eyes and a maroon collar, similar to Bolt's.

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• She has a secret crush on Bae, since they're both around the same age


Maia Mitchell (Jasiri in The Lion Guard)