the are Bolt's parents and belong to Electriss&Abagail

Personalities Edit

Dara: Dara is a purebred German shepherd. She is a bit strict, but loving all the same. She is sweet and considerate, but has a bit of a temper. She is used to a posh life, and wants her children to feel the same things she did. She can be a bit uptight and snooty, but she has a heart of gold.

Ice: Ice is laidback and easy going. He always has a clear head and it takes alot to make him mad. He is very sweet, caring, and sensitive. He is very proud of all his children. He was always known for spoiling his puppies and was considered the 'fun' dad.

Appearances Edit

Dara: She is a caramel color with a dark brown muzzle. Her paws are a light brown and she has a black 'cape'. Her eyes are hazel and she has a color made of silver pearls.

Ice: He is a white shepherd. His eyes are blue, and he wears a marine blue bandanna around his neck.

Bio Edit

Dara lived with a very rich family. She was a purebred German shepherd and won a lot of dog shows. She was always the pampered pet and had no idea what it was like to live on the street. Ice on the other hand, had lived his whole life on the streets. They were all he ever knew. He looked down on the pampered pets and ordered to live a free life. But then they met each other and everything changed. They fell in love, and each wanted to bring the other into their world. Dara wanted Ice to be a pet and Ice wanted to bring Dara onto the streets. Dara said she would try life on the streets. But after almost getting hit by a car, Ice realised his life wasn't for her. So he went back with her and joined her in her home.

Trivia Edit

Family Edit

Bolt: son

Thunder: daughter-in-law

Cirrus: grandson

Kaia: granddaughter

Misty: granddaughter

Whirlwhind: Granddaughter

Cyclone: Granddaughter

Windi: granddaughter

Twister: grandson

Dash: son

Maka: daughter-in-law

Nikki: granddaughter

Autumn: grandson

Ella: granddaughter

Winter: grandson

Mystic: daughter

Random Edit

  • Ice has a hard time saying no, he doesn't want to disappoint his kids and grandkids.
  • Dara is a firm wall. If she says no, then that means no. There is no getting around that
  • Ice and Dara love to spoil their grandkids rotten.
  • Dara is very protective of her family