this is a short story concerning how Chris first told Mittens that he had feelings for her. No summary provided.

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Millie: Come on Chris! tell her!

The little Husky-german shepherd puppy was currently pushing the tabby kitty towards Bolt's house.

Christopher: I don't know Millie... Mittens is so tough... She might not except me...

Millie: then you have to act tough to! don't let one no get in your way!

Christopher was getting a little irritated at the puppy, she was practically forcing him to show his feelings. He wasn't good under that kind of pressure.

Christopher: stop pushing me Millie! I can walk.

The puppy stopped pushing him. Chris turned to look at her.

Millie: But If I don't, you never will!

It was a good point, but it hurt his paws to be pushed like that.

Christopher: but it hurts Millie.

Unknown to Chris, Mittens, Bolt, Rhino, and Thunder had walked up behind him. Millie got excited. Now was his chance.

Millie: then tell me how you feel about Mittens... right here right now!

Christopher tilted his head. Thunder, who had opened to her mouth to call out to them, quickly closed it. She didn't want to miss this,

Christopher: you know how I feel! but, okay. I think that Mittens is one of the smartest cats I know, hanging aaround her and the rest of the gang is the most wonderful times I've ever witnessed. She's just to pretty, and well thought out, and quirky... And...

Chris paused.


Millie pressed him on wards.

Chistopher: and I love her with all my heart....

Mittens: you do?

Christopher spun around, He saw all four animals staring at him smiling. He blushed.

Christopher: i..uh... I... III-II....

Christopher searched his mind to try to find something to say. When no words came. Chris turned on Millie.

Christopher: MILLIE!

He cried. The puppy just ran away laughing with Chris chasing after her.

Bolt: well... he didn't admit it...

Mittens smiled.

Mittens: thats okay. Because he didn't decline it either. And who knows... some day I might have feelings for him too...

She paused and watched as Christopher chased Millie.

Mittens: not that I'm gonna let him know it...

And with that, the four animals raced after Millie and Christopher hoping to rescue the puppy before she would reach her untimely end.

the end