Personality Edit

Cola is very brave and strait forward. She's very daring and likes to run at life head on. She has some anger issues and always has to be right. But despite this, she is actually pretty caring and has a strong maternal instinct. She is very friendly towards those she knows, but hostile towards strangers.

Appearance Edit

Cola is a mostly brown cat with white paws, a patch over her left eye, and splotches on her sides. Her eyes are a green color. She has no collar

Bio Edit

Cola was adopted when she was barely a kitten. She got along quite well with the family hamster Kiki, and they became best friends. But then her owners left and she had no idea where they went. Days passed and they didn't return. The person who usually watches her when her owners were away didn't come either. Cola was forced to take Kiki and escape. She raced down empty streets. It felt like a ghost town. The usually busy always moving city was now deadly silent. She and Kiki escaped the city just as a heavy rain began to fall. It went on for days on end, the wind felt like daggers digging into her skin. She knew she just had to keep going and keep Kiki safe. Eventually the rain stopped and she and Kiki were hopelessly lost. She descovered a small town and decided to take a look. She was soon discovered by Dash, who she attacked viciously. But he stopped her and she soon joined his street pack with Kiki.

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Family Edit

Never really knew her family

Friends Edit

Dash: best friends

Maka: best friends

Coke: best friends

Kiki: BFFL

Vortex: best friends

Vinnie: best friends

Random Edit

  • She, Kiki, and Maka are closest together. Being the only girls, they like to hang out together.
  • Makati helps walk Cola through some calming techniques to help calm her rage.
  • She and Kiki are practically sisters.
  • She doesn't mind Coke following her around.
  • She doesn't like big dogs.
  • She has a crush on Coke, though she won't sit it

Stories she appears in Edit

When can I see you again