Personality Edit

Coke is a very timid kitty. He's a gentle soul who can get scared very easily. He's as sweet as sugar and very loving and forgiving, but if you be mean to him he'll become terrified of you.

Appearance Edit

He is a mostly white kitty with brown paws, a patch over his left eye, and splotches on his back. He has blue eyes and no collar

Bio Edit

When Coke was a kitten, he was the most daring courageous kitten in his litter. He was always the first to do everything and was very curious. But one day he and his family were attacked by Big dogs. His courage failed him and he ran away. He has no idea if they are playing or not. After almost getting hit by a car and a couple more accidents, Coke became the timid kitty he is today. He was discovered by Dash when he was still a kitten. He was one of the first members of Dash's pack. Later they find Cola, and he falls in love with the daring kitty.

Trivia Edit

Family Edit

Merida: mom

Dad is unknown

Five unnamed siblings

Friends Edit

Dash: best friends

Maka: best friends

Cola: best friends

Vortex: best friends.

Vinnie: best friends

Kiki: best friends

Fears Edit

It doesn't matter what, he's always scared of something.

Random Edit

  • He isn't a coward, but he does get spooked.
  • He has a hard time taking care of himself.
  • He has a crush on Cola
  • He sticks close to Cola's side since she's so brave.

Stories he's in Edit

When can I see you again