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Christopher is a street cat that is head over heels for Mittens. He's sweet and caring, and very sensitive. He may be on the streets, but he is no wild cat. Christopher is often going out of his way to make Mittens happy. He is often found hanging out with Thunder, Bolt, and Mittens. Chris is very protective of his friends, and of course Mittens. Christopher is often getting pushed by his friend Millie, a pup that lives next door to Bolt and co, to tell Mittens how he feels, and that it is more than just a crush.

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Christopher started life out on the streets. He lived with a family of alley cats, and they were quite wild. But it was obvious from the start that Christopher wasn't like them. He didn't have one speck of wild in his blood. So, he eventually left the Alley to try to find better life. He traveled many days and nights before coming to a happy little piece of sunshine street. The humans that lived around there all fed him for no reason than to help him, and Chris was quite happy. It was on that street that he met Thunder, Rhino, Millie, and Mittens. At first, he had trouble showing his affection for Mittens, but with one final push from Millie, all the words tumbled out. It would take a few years, but eventually Mittens loves him back. They then decide to have kittens, and then Sparky, Rose, Lilly, Midas, Ginger, and Tron are born.

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Young Chris: Oliver from Oliver and company

Teen/Adult Chris: Dodger from Oliver and Company

relatives Edit

Tina: mother

Tom: father

Lila: sister

Josephine: sister

Amy: sister

Mittens: mate

Gingevire: Aunt

Sparky: son

Rose: daughter

Midas: son

Ginger: daughter

Tron: son

Lilly: daughter

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Christopher is white with a ginger 'mask' on his face that goes down to his back and to the end of his tail. His eyes are a sparkling yellow. he has a nick on his left ear, the results of a encounter he had with a street dog.

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  • Christopher is very sensitive about the fact that he is a street cat.
  • Christopher likes to go by his nickname Chris
  • Christopher has a extremely long tail.
  • Christopher is really good at jumping.
  • Christopher's favorite thing to do is to catterwaul a song for Mittens.

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Meet a Missy

Tell her, Chris!

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