Call Me a Princess is a deleted song from Aladdin that I thought fit Lilian. I changed some lyrics up.


Call me a show dog, I don't care

Call me obsessed with nails and fur 

Only concerned with what to wear 

Shallow and so blase

Go ahead, call me "royal pain"

I'm unimpressed with your disdain 

Let me repeat one sweet refrain 

Show dogs get their way

Other dogs play, but that's not relaxing

Show dogs win awards

Life's much too short and Lord, it's so taxing 

Ruling these darn Third World nations

Some say that when I nag and whine

Nobody's voice is as shrill as mine 

My owner thinks that I sound just fine 

He's in my royal sway 

Other dogs beg, why do they bother? 

I study how to grease up my owner 

Owners were born to pay 

And show dogs get their way

Call me a show dog, I don't mind 

Selfish disgrace to womankind 

Dogs need hobbies - I unwind 

Watching how much I weigh

Other dogs work for sled people 

Some run for hours on end 

I'd rather have a facial, please 

Slather her face in clay

Soon I'll get married - what could be sweeter? 

To some famous beagle or show beagle 

Whoever he is, the two things he'll need are 

Earplugs and plenty of moola

Show dogs write a check - it clears 

That's 'cause they spend those wonder years 

Running to owner and faking whimpers 

Training him to obey 

Fresh outta treats? No problem, I drop a 

Snit and go running straight to my owners 

Then everything's okay 

Show dogs get their way 

Believe it 

Show dogs get their way


Here's the real song!