I'm taking writing prompts and requests for drabbles or short-stories in the universe of Bolt the Superdog! That means all of your requests have to be for scenes or short adventures in the universe where Bolt, a White American Shepherd, actually has superpowers given to him by his owner's (Penny's) father, a brilliant scientist who has been kidnapped by the fiendish, mutated villain and black-market billionare, Dr. Calico (or 'The Green-Eyed Man.) Your story can have Mittens, Rhino, Bolt, Penny, Doctor Forrester, Murk, Puff, or even Doctor Calico himself as the main character(s), but I won't be accepting any requests for stories centered around an OC/fancharacter*.

For more information on that, here's the link!…

I will only take requests that follow the rules stipulated in the link above. I'll only write out your drabble or short-story request and post it ON FANFICTION.NET, as a chapter in THE ABOVE LINK. I won't be posting any fulfilled requests for this AU here on the wiki. You'll have to go on, go to the fanfic I left a link for above, and leave me a review (like a comment) telling me what your request is. I won't respond to any requests here on the wiki.

Have fun! This is to kickstart my interest in BtS. Give me anything! I'd love to hear what scenes you'll come up with!

*P.S. - I MIGHT consider doing one for my own fancharacter, Shock the Superdog, MAYBE. It depends on what the request is. It's a very slim chance that I'll make this exception, though, so feel free to try, but try not to get your hopes too high!