Bio Edit

After Roxy moved onto the streets with Boo she and him decided to have there own pups. Soon Roxy gave birth to, in this order, Chester, Sean, Paige, Whyley and last but not least Cheyanne

Apperances Edit

Cheyanne - She has a yellow main body with a grey belly and grey sock on her left front paw. Her ears are like her moms ears and her tail looks like a huskys. She has a lightning bolt over her left eye

Sean - He has a mostly grey body with a white mask and black socks on all his paws. he has a bolt on his chest and his ears perk up like his dads but fold halfway, his tail looks like his mums

Chester - He is mostly white with a black patch over his right eye his stomach is yellow and his bolt is on his right flank, his ears are perked like his dads and his tail loks like his dads but curls down like his mums

Paige - She si nearly a copy of her dad exept her chest doesent have a bolt on it and her chest and stomach are white

Whyley - He looks more like his mum, exept for a grey stripe going from his nose to the end of his tail. and a bolt between his eyes and a grey sock

Personality Edit

Cheyanne - She is kinda sarcastic and cocky, still nice on the inside but can be a jerk at times

Sean - He is kinda shy and kinda stays to himself most times, trying to avoid making a big deal of anything. He is a bit of a pushover

Chester - Happy and Playfull always lookign to put a smile on someones face, he is melower than his sister (Paige) but still Likes making pups smile and playing with others

Paige - As mentioned before she is very playfull and hyperactive. She is always looking for fun and others to play with

Wyley - He is one of those pups that thinks before acting and is kinda dumb (think of Wile E. Coyote)

Other Info Edit

  • Chester has a crush on Misty
  • Cheyanne has a crush on Ziro
  • Sean has a crush on Kira
  • Whyley has a crush on Lola